Garmin GPS Map Updates For Your Garmin Devices

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Don’t know how to update Garmin GPS and need help? You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the latest GPS and Maps updates for all your Garmin devices be it Automotive, fitness, sports marine, or outdoor recreation. Garmin allows you to install Garmin Map on almost all your devices, thus giving you the ability to navigate anywhere without any worries.

Our Garmin Support experts assist you round the clock with your issues regarding Garmin Updates. Whether you are facing issues with connectivity, configuration, updates, or anything else, our Garmin professionals will fix it all in a jiffy. You can activate your Garmin GPS updates using a product key or voucher. Just follow the instructions on your screen as it is and you’ll have your Garmin device updated to the latest version.


Some Noteworthy Features Of Garmin GPS

  1. Multi-touch screen devices
  2. Navigation made easy
  3. Foursquare point of interest database
  4. Real-time traffic information
  5. 3D maps
  1. Lifetime Garmin Map Updates for free
  2. Bluetooth and WiFi Built-in
  3. Navigate with Voice
  4. Keep a track of your travel history
  5. Easy to install and setup

Here’s What You Need For You Update Garmin Map

When you install the garmin Express application in your computer system, then it requires some specifications into your system that are:

Intel, 64-bit processor
1440x990 Display
USB Port
High-Speed Internet Accesss
Requires free disk space up to 20 GB

Steps to Install Garmin Map Updates On Your GPS Device

Garmin maps make it easy for us to navigate and travel to new places without any difficulty. However, you need to update these Maps regularly to keep yourself away from any trouble. Of course, you wouldn’t want to get stuck or lost in an unknown place or route. Thus, you should always have the latest updates of your Garmin Maps for the latest information on routes, roads, highways, and streets. Don’t know how to update the Garmin Map? Just follow the steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: Create Your Account

Having a Garmin Account helps you in many ways. You can manage all your Garmin GPS devices and maps, install updates from your dashboard. The Garmin account is like any other email address that you can also use for sending and receiving emails. To create your new Garmin account, visit and select the “Create One” option below on the Sign-in form. Enter the required details and create your Garmin account. *Skip this step if you already have a Garmin Account.


Step 2: Register Your Garmin Device

After creating the Garmin account, the next step is to register your Garmin GPS to it. Connecting your Garmin account to your devices allows you to install the latest firmware and map updates. Just select Add a device option and choose your Garmin device from the list.

Step 3: Connect The GPS To the PC

You need to connect your Garmin GPS to the computer in order to install the Garmin MAP update. Take out the GPS from the vehicle and make sure it stays on. Connect it to your PC using a USB cable.

Wait for a couple of minutes as the connection establishes. You will be redirected to the Garmin Dashboard automatically after the connection is made. If the Dashboard doesn’t open, sign in to your Garmin account manually.


Step 4: Download & Install Garmin Express

Download Garmin Express in accordance with your operating system. You need to select from Download for Windows and Download for Mac option. Run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation. Proceed to the next step to know how to update the map on Garmin from Garmin Express.

Step 5: Check & Install Garmin Map Update

Now that you have installed Garmin Express, you can check for updates and install them. But before you proceed further make sure you have enough storage available on your drive. Click on Garmin GPS Update or Garmin Map Update and install the latest updates. If there are any pending MAP or firmware updates, you’ll see a notification on your screen also. Install the free or paid updates according to your need.


Step 6: Remove The GPS Device From PC

After you see the “GPS Update completed” message on your screen, wait for a couple of minutes to let the updates settle on your device properly. You can now disconnect the Garmin GPS from your PC by selecting the Eject option and put it back on your vehicle. Ignore pulling out the USB directly from the computer.

Device Shows “Not Enough Space” Message When Installing Map Updates

If you are using a GPS device that does not support an SD card, there are high chances to encounter a “Not Enough Space” issue while installing Garmin Map Update. So, what should you do to get the latest update of the Garmin Map on your GPS in this case? Let’s find out! To install updated maps on Garmin GPS that do not support SD Card, you first need to delete the preloaded map files from the device. This includes all the .img, .unl, and .gma files expert the gmapbmap.img files. Follow the steps below carefully, to remove the mentioned preloaded map files.


  1. Connect the Garmin GPS to your PC.
  2. Press Windows + E keys.
  3. Click on the “This PC” option.
  4. Open the Garmin device drive and then open the Garmin folder.
  5. Select only the .unl, .gma and .img (except the gmapbmap.img) files carefully.
  6. * Make sure you do not select any other file accidentally as it can cause issues with the performance of your GPS.
    1. Press the Delete button from your keyboard.
    2. Confirm to delete the files.


  1. Connect the GPS to your Mac PC.
  2. Open Finder.
  3. Click on GO from the menu.
  4. Select Computer.
  5. Open the Garmin Device Drive
  6. Open the Garmin folder
  7. Select the .unl, .gma and .img (except the gmapbmap.img) files.
  8. Delete the files.

Once you have deleted all the preloaded files from your Garmin GPS, you can download the updated Maps from Garmin Express. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Garmin Express.
  2. Select your Garmin device in which you want to install the updates.
  3. Go to Tools & Content and click on the Purchased tab.
  4. Click on the cloud icon to download the Garmin Map updates.

Some Other Garmin Updates Solutions

Get Help From Garmin Support Experts

Our Garmin Support experts know all the Garmin products inside out be it the very first model of Garmin product or the latest one. We help Garmin users maintain their devices to get the best experience possible. Whether you are looking for a Garmin update or facing navigation issues, you can trust our experts to help you out with all of it. Get in touch with our experts for the latest Garmin GPS map update.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For updating ‘my Garmin maps’ for free, you need to first connect your Garmin device with your computer and then do the further process. Then visit Garmin’s Find Map Updates page.

  1. Now select “Automotive” and click “Download Map Updater”. The updater will help you in updating the maps for your Garmin device.
  2. Next, you need to open the downloaded file, double click on it. Now click to install the Garmin Map updater on your computer. If prompted you may have to update your Microsoft .NET framework before installing.
  3. While opening the application will provide you all the required information
  4. When the application process is complete, then click to search the device.
  5. If the screen displays the confirmation of the installation process, then click Continue.
  6. Click Continue again when you see “Ready to update your maps.
  7. Leave the Garmin device plugged in until it completes its map update.
  1. To perform Garmin Map Update , you have to connect your Garmin device to the computer using the USB cable.
  2. Next, browse for the Garmin GPS update page.
  3. When you reach on the page there you will find Download option, click on that and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Next, you have to move forward to install the ‘my Garmin map’.
  5. Open the Garmin Express to update the maps and follow instructions shown on the screen to complete the task.

The steps will allow you to update the ‘my Garmin maps’ easily without any hurdle.

According to the experts and Garmin officials, the Garmin maps must be updated 3 times per year. Other devices often need to update more than three times. But as we know that Garmin is a user-friendly device that doesn’t need much maintenance. Hence, it needs only three updates in a year. The Garmin Express is a program that is used to maintain, and check the device. It also lets the users know if your maps are updated or if a new version is available.

If your Garmin GPS device needs any software update, then you have to pay. Because Garmin who is providing you map services wants its users to pay for its service. But if you are eligible to download Garmin maps for then you can easily get the Garmin map updates without any fee.Most of the Garmin software updates are free for users to use. Therefore, there is a fixed fee for the maps that you have to pay. The company also offers a lifetime package to its users, in which you have to pay once and can update your device and maps whenever wanted.

Yes, Garmin has Lifetime maps, but for this users need to get a lifetime subscription. When purchasing the Lifetime subscription through Garmin Express, the package will automatically get updated to your device. The updated maps can be installed anytime with the help of Garmin Express after the user gets a subscription. Devices that are preloaded with Lifetime map you do not need to activate them.

Though Lifetime maps update is Garmin’s comprehensive update plan, it provides the latest updates about highways, streets along with the voice instructions and gadget even shows high definition pictures. A single purchase makes you able to get all the updated maps whenever you travel and you don’t even need to pay again and again for each update.

The classic models (map-on-the-screen) Garmin GPS devices for cars and other vehicles are typically the ones that can only update when the user connects the device to the computer. But the newer versions and models of Garmin devices don’t need such a feature. Garmin’s sports-oriented models for non-driving use can be updated using a Wi-Fi connection.

You don’t need to connect your device with computer using the USB cable, just connect them with high-speed Wi-Fi and you are all set to update your Garmin device.

Whenever the user updates the Garmin maps, he/she have to pay the fixed amount of it. But if the person is able to avail the benefits of free Garmin map updates then, in this case, Garmin can offer free updates.

Check the Garmin manual and see what you will need to get eligible for free Garmin maps update. With Garmin you will also find the Garmin lifetime map update subscription, that not make you pay every time you update a map.

Garmin is a well-known company and has so many users. It provides different devices for different use and all its devices are best having advance features. If you ask which is the best device among all then it will become a little bit hard to tell. As many of its devices are liked by users and voted best devices.

If you are in the search of best Garmin devices, then we advise you to buy after analyzing your needs and use. If you want it to mount on your car or truck, then you find the best one in that category or if you want a device for sailing, or adventurous/sports trips then find according to that.