Garmin Nuvi | Install & Update

What is Garmin Nuvi?

Garmin Nuvi is one of the series of Garmin GPS that comes with a lifetime map and traffic updates. Some of the impressive features of Garmin Nuvi devices include points of interest marking for example ATMs, stores, gas stations, and real-time traffic updates, etc.

When using GPS Nuvi, one should update their maps timely to avoid any fuss and stay updated with new routes and points of interest. This is where Garmin Nuvi updates come into play. Garmin updates are released every now and then to keep your Garmin experience smooth and trouble-free. To get the latest routes and other updates on your maps, install the Garmin Nuvi update on your Garmin device right away.


How to Update Garmin Nuvi For Free?

You can update the Garmin Nuvi device easily using Garmin Express software. The steps to update the Garmin Nuvi device differs from device to device. Below you will find how to install Garmin updates on your Garmin Nuvi 255 w and 300w device for free.

Install Garmin Nuvi 255w Map Update 2018 Free

Before you start with the updating steps, make sure you have installed Garmin Express on your computer device as you are going to install Garmin Nuvi updates using that only. If the application is not yet installed on your PC, you can do so from the Official Garmin website in no time.

Now let’s start with the installation of Garmin Nuvi Map updates right away:

  1. First of all, you need to turn on your Garmin Nuvi GPS. Make sure your device is fully charged.
  2. Now connect the GPS to your computer with a USB cable.
  3. Now open the Garmin Express app on your computer. The application will start looking for updates for your device if it is already registered. However, if nothing happens, then you need to register your device in the application first. Complete the registration and continue with the steps below.
  4. After successfully registering your device, you will see the available Garmin Nuvi updates on your screen.
  5. Select your preferred update i.e. Garmin Nuvi 255w Update.
  6. Hit the download button and wait for the process to complete.
  7. Once the download is finished, install the updates.
  8. When you see the “Update Successfully Installed” message wait for a couple of minutes and then disconnect the GPS from the PC.
  9. To disconnect the device, select “Safely Remove Device” and remove the USB cable from both ends.

Install Garmin Nuvi 1300 Map Update For Free

Garmin Nuvi 1300 updates can be installed from the map manager. This means that you should have the Map manager downloaded on your device to install the Nuvi 1300 updates. If your PC doesn’t have the map manager, you should install it first and then continue with the steps below:

  1. First of all, you need to connect your Garmin Nuvi 1300 device to the computer.
  2. Now launch the Map Manager application on your PC.
  3. The map manager will now detect your GPS and show the available map updates.
  4. Download the map updates according to your deviceSelect No, if you want to keep both the device and continue further.
  5. Click on Install Map to start the installation of the Garmin Nuvi map update for your device.

How Do I Update Garmin Nuvi Sat Nav For Free?

Updating Garmin maps is a simple procedure with the help of the Garmin Express application. However, some maps are only available for purchase and hence cannot be installed for free. In this case, you are left with only two choices, either purchase the map or find free Garmin SatNav maps from other sources. You don’t need to purchase maps if your device has LMT support. However if not, then we have answered your question “How Do I Update Garmin Nuvi Sat Nav For free” below:

Start With Connecting Your SAT NAV Device to the PC

The first thing you need to do for updating your Garmin Nuvi Sat Nav is to connect it to the computer. Connect the device to the PC with a USB cable. You can use any mini USB cable available at your home.

Find Maps Over OpenStreetMap

Now you need to search for your Maps over an open street map according to your GPS device. OpenStreetMap is a globally recognized source of maps that lets you download maps for your GPS devices for free. Before you download any map, make sure it says Yes in the Routable column.

Browse open street maps and other sources to find specific maps for your Nuvi device. If the downloaded maps have different extensions, you can convert them to .img and.MKgmap and then use it.

Copy The Downloaded MAP To Your SatNav Device

Copy the maps you downloaded to the SatNav device. You can copy the maps either to the memory card or to the internal storage only.

Copying Map To Internal Storage

You can also copy the maps simply to the memory card and avoid deleting any original files on your device. To perform this action, your memory card should only allow up to 4GB of storage and not more. Once you get the memory card for your device, create a Garmin folder and copy your downloaded .img maps in it.

Check If the Maps Are Working Or Not

Once you have performed the above procedure, it’s time to check if the maps you installed are working on your device or not. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, Disconnect your Nuvi SatNav device from the PC.
  2. Now turn the GPS on and go to Tools.
  3. Go to Settings and select Map.
  4. Now click on Map info.
  5. Check if the maps you just copied are listed there or not.

Various Garmin Nuvi Devices


Garmin Nuvi Navigation


Garmin Nuvi 2555lmt


Garmin Nuvi 205w


Garmin Nuvi 260w


Garmin Nuvi 2597lmt


Garmin Nuvi 2639lmt


Garmin Nuvi 265wt


Garmin Nuvi 255w

Get Help For Your Garmin Nuvi Device

Installing Garmin Nuvi updates for your device is easy and straightforward with tools like Garmin Express and Map Manager. However, there are times when you start facing issues that cannot be resolved without expert assistance. If you are also stuck in any such situation, do not panic and contact our Garmin Nuvi Experts for help right away. Our Garmin experts will help you update the Garmin Nuvi device for free without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most of the Garmin updates are available for free only and you can install them easily from the Garmin Express app. These updates are released every three or four months by Garmin. To keep your device updated, you should keep checking for available updates every once in a while by logging into your Garmin account. In case you face any issue with updating your Garmin device, feel free to seek expert assistance.

All your Garmin Nuvi updates can be installed from the Garmin Express application. You can install this application on your computer from the official website of Garmin. Connect your Garmin device to the computer and register your product. The app will show you the available updates and you can select the updates that you want to install.

The thing about Garmin Nuvi GPS is that it allows you to install updates without actually connecting it to the computer. You can simply connect your Nuvi device to the WiFi or any other device with a WiFi connection. All you need is a WiFi connection and you can install Garmin Nuvi updates anywhere and anytime.

There’s a way to install the Garmin SatNav update for free however, it will need you to put in some extra effort and might still not work. You can find the paid maps for free on the OpenStreetMap and other such platforms and copy them to your SatNav device. The complete procedure is mentioned above. However, the easiest way to install such updates is by purchasing them from Garmin Express only.