Fix Garmin Express “Not Finding Device” Error Easily

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Garmin Express

Garmin is an American multinational Company earlier it was known as ProNav which is famous in all over the world just because of its specialization in GPS technology. However, the GPS device is purposely being used in aviation, navigation, outdoor, sports activities, or automotive. Though, Garmin has a desktop application named Garmin Express allows users to manage Garmin products in a well-manner only after plugging it with the USB connection on your computer. Using this application, you can also download Garmin Map Update if available into your device as well as change the other settings with an optimum-ease. Despite the fact that it is the beneficial software for using it to update the maps, sometimes many of you face Garmin Express “Not Finding Device” kind of problematic issue which can’t be handle by yourself. And hence you start wandering for effective solution. Here you will be learn!

Garmin Express

Why Getting Garmin Express “Not Finding Device” Error?

There could be multiple reasons responsible for Garmin Express “Not Finding Device” error. Because of its real causes you won’t be able to download Garmin GPS Update to navigate freely. Give a brief look at below-mentioned trigger points:

  • When the Garmin device is not properly connected to your computer
  • The operating system and the application may not be compatible with each other
  • Faulty in USB cable

Efficient Ways To Fix The Garmin Express “Not Finding Device” Error

If the Garmin Application installed in your PC is not able to detect your Garmin device, then don’t worry We are providing here the complete effective fixing guidelines through which you can surely solve this problem in a quick. So, just follow the underneath solutions one-by-one:

Solution 1: Make Sure Garmin Express Is Up-to-date

The very beginning step you should take is, check your Garmin Express software installed in your PC and ensure that it is latest. Here is what you should do for the same:

  • First, launch Garmin Application  on your computer
  • Next, click “Settings” tab in Garmin Express
  • Afterward, give a click on “About” option
  • Then, click “Check for Updates to Express”
  • If any update is available, click “Install Now” button and follow the on-screen suggestive instructions to complete the update soon

Solution 2: Try Removing The Device And Adding It Again

If the Garmin device has already been added to Garmin application but unfortunately it is not detecting, then first you have to delete the device from Garmin Express and then add it back again. Following are the required steps for doing this perfectly in no time:

  • Click “Home” button
  • Right-click on your device
  • Click “Remove from Express” tab
  • Press “Remove” button
  • Click “Add a Device”
  • When the device is found, click “Add Device”
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to add your device back to Garmin

This time, the Garmin device detect Garmin Express and hence make the device update with an ease. If “Not Finding Device” error yet encountered, then skip the above solution and move to the next one.

Solution 3: Uninstall And Reinstall Garmin Express

Uninstalling and then after reinstalling Garmin Express might work for sorting out Garmin Express “Not Finding Device” problem. So, first uninstall the application from your system and then visit the official site of Garmin Express to again install it in an appropriate manner. Once the Express has been installed completely, restart your computer and then try again finding the device.

Additional Fixing Guides For Garmin Application “Not Finding Device” Error

In case, yet the same problem exists, then this time you should check your USB cable and try it on another computer. However, if your Garmin device is not visible, then there might be having a problem with your computer system or USB cable. Here is what you have to do:

  • First and foremost, what you are suggest to do is, unplug the USB or Garmin device, then restart/shutdown your PC immediately
  • After couple of minute, turn your computer ON back
  • Now, again connect your Garmin device with your PC via USB cable


When you complete the above solving instructions, Garmin Device may be visible now by both the computer and the Garmin Express. You can now start managing your Garmin device using Garmin Express without any obstruction.

Contact To Online Technical Support Team For Handy Resolving Guide

In case, you have tried every possible thing noted above in order to get rid of “Not Finding Device” but yet the problem persists, then instead of being felt blue connect with top-most tech-specialists through helpline number. The proffered contact number is  available round the clock only for your instant support at its best level. So, why have to be upset if solution is at right by your side.