Garmin is the top market choice and has made a benchmark of providing Garmin GPS update, accurate location, and smooth functionality. It helps its customers reach to reach their destination without any hassle. Sometimes Garmin device display Garmin GPS fails to unlock error. Therefore, it becomes a necessary action to unlock the Garmin map to know the direction to unknown places with comfort. Garmin has a list of multiple models till date. These models invented every year with innovative features helps Garmin users with various solutions in discovering new places without consuming much time.

Garmin GPS Fails to Unlock

In this guide, you will acknowledge the solutions to unlock the Garmin map. In this concern, we have offered the easy-going steps. With the reference of these steps, users will unlock the Garmin map on their gadgets. Keeping the customer’s satisfaction as its priority, Garmin has always given the resolving solution for any issue. Therefore, here is the solution for the recent issue to unlock the Garmin map.

Some Basic Reasons for Garmin Fails to Unlock Issue

At times, the harsh usage of any digital device may lead to unlocking failure issue. Have a look at some common reasons:

  • Power Issues Memory full leading hanging issue in the device
  • Unresponsive touch screen
  • Verify that you have downloaded correct map update
  • Maybe previously installed map opposes
  • Internet connection may interrupt

How to fix Garmin GPS fails to Unlock Issue?

Take all the steps into consideration and solve your unlock failure problem instantly:

  1. Before you begin, make sure memory card is available in the device
  2. Restart the device to verify if the screen shows the error.
  3. Make sure to remove the memory card
  4. Note: if the memory card has already been accessed before then maps installed to this card is locked on the previous device
  5. In this case, you need to clear the data or reinstall GPS maps on this card
  6. Ensure, the maps you install on memory card is done using Map Install or Map source
  7. Now, if it’s locked then you need to perform re-installation process on the computer
  8. Also, delete the pre-loaded card
  9. If screen notifies Update map file, you need to update Garmin Express to unlock Garmin map

Hence, some steps are there to solve the Garmin GPS Update problem in your Garmin gadget. Each step is unique and simple to follow with a complete solution. However, if you find a problem performing troubleshooting steps of Garmin GPS, contact the senior experts. Before that, try to perform manually with the below steps:

4 Garmin GPS Update Steps

Connect your GPS gadget to your computer

Remove your GPS device from the vehicle and connect it to your laptop or computer via USB cable. If you are a new user, you need to sign in to your Garmin account first.

Install Garmin Express

Next, the user needs to download the Garmin Express app according to your preference (Windows or Mac). Once you complete the download process, click the install button and follow on-screen instructions and finish the installation.

Access or purchase updates

Now, you need to install the updates. If the Garmin Express is still not showing, check your internet connection. Tap on ‘Add a device’ and locate your GPS. Thereafter, the app will search for the available latest updates. Click ‘Select All’ and make sure your device is connected. There is an option for purchasing a lifetime update for the customers.

Disconnect your device

Lastly, when you finish the installation, you can remove the device safely. Select ‘Eject’ and carefully unplug the USB cable.

Instant Technical Assistance

Furthermore, if you could not manually handle the Garmin GPS update process, connect to the senior professionals. They are well-versed and will assist you from beginning to end. You just need to share your concern regarding your Garmin device.


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