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Garmin Nuvi update

Garmin Nuvi is a product of Garmin Brand providing GPS Map Device and navigation-related products and services for individual use. You also must be a Garmin Nuvi Map Updates user and just like you, there are millions of users worldwide. This article has been written to provide the user with essential tips and techniques that is require while doing the Garmin Nuvi Map Update. In this blog, you are basically going to identify that the Garmin Nuvi basically is a GPS enabled device which generally comes in many types of models with varied features. Types of models that are available in the market of Garmin Nuvi are –

  • Nuvi 57
  • Garmin Nuvi 58
  • Nuvi 67

Garmin Nuvi Update

Get Garmin Nuvi Update

Your Nuvi Product is having pre-loaded maps of the US and Canada. There are few models available of Garmin Nuvi who are having the benefit of free lifetime Garmin Nuvi Map Updates and this generally provides the user handy and updated product use. Some of the features of Garmin Nuvi Product are –

  • Material used is of the best quality and this makes sure that the product won’t be able to encounter the problems like a weak signal, weak sound system, weak display quality, weak connectivity, weak navigation system, etc.
  • The product will work even in those areas where other devices like Google Maps and SIRI won’t be able to work.
  • Garmin Nuvi GPS comes up with the added features in navigating which allows the user to get nearby directions for nearby gas stations, a nearby restaurant, nearby traffic lights, etc. and much more. This also simplifies the direct navigation to common visiting areas like railways and airports.
  • In addition to all the above-mentioned features, the user gets automatic alerts for –
  1.     School Zone / Heavily Crowded Public Zones
  2.     Animal Crossings
  3.     Speed Camera Alerts

Garmin Nuvi Express

Garmin as a company generally comes up with the product update at least 4 to 5 times each year. The updates are possible only with the help of Garmin Express Software specially designed by Garmin. Garmin Nuvi software basically allows the user of Garmin Nuvi Maps to get early access to all the upcoming product updates and besides this, there are lot of additional benefits the user is going to get the below advantages as well –

  • Quick and Handy Product Registration
  • Easy to Read and Understand Product – User – Manual
  • Timely and Quick Software Updates – Garmin basically provides and comes up with the product updates at regular intervals during a particular year ( at least once in 3 months ).
  • Maps updates
  • Course Updates

Steps For Garmin Nuvi Map Update

So, how to do Garmin Nuvi Map Update with the help of Garmin Nuvi Express software with ease…??? Follow these quick easy steps to do so –

  1 – In the first and the foremost step, the user is require to visit the Garmin Express Software homepage.

  2  – The user will now have two options to choose from –

  • If you are a windows operating system user, then you need to click on DOWNLOAD For WINDOWS Option appearing on the screen.
  • You are a Mac operating system user, then you need to click on the MAC Version Option appearing on the screen.

3 – After clicking on any of the above two options, the download process will begin and the user is require to wait until the download gets prompted.

4– Open the downloaded file and install the software by following the basic installation process. The Garmin  Express Software will be install in the system for the update.

5 – Launch the Garmin Nuvi Express Software for Garmin Nuvi Map Update.

6 – Attach or Plug-In your Garmin Nuvi Map device to your system. The Garmin Nuvi Express software is going to detect your device. Wait till the process gets over.

7– Provide your registered email address and then click on SAVE the device option.

8– In the next step, the Garmin Nuvi Map user is required to click on the Check For Updates option. After clicking it, a list of available updates will appear on the screen.

9 – Select and click on all the required updates available to get install.

10– Click on the Install Now option and then wait till the installation process gets completed.

Garmin Nuvi Express

Get Garmin Nuvi Express software will do all the Garmin Nuvi Map Update. Disconnect your device and then it will be ready to use. This may take a good amount of time but the wait is going to be worthwhile.

Note – Do make sure that the below mentioned things are in place before starting the update process –

  • Device Battery Levels – At least 80% battery must be available.
  • USB Cable – Good Quality and compatible USB cable must be used.
  • Good Internet Connectivity

This will ensure that the Garmin Nuvi Map Update process gets completed with the help of Garmin Nuvi Express Software.