How To Fix Garmin Won’t Turn On Error?

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Garmin won't turn on

Garmin won't turn on

Garmin GPS is one of the beneficial devices in this current era of the technological world, especially the candidates who are driving usually. However, the device will not gonna be fruitful unless it is not turned on. Therefore, it is very essential to check the Power button of your Garmin device and ensure that it is ON so that you will be directed by its displaying map. By following the map, you will reach your destination sooner, and hence, your precious time will be saved. But the situation could be more problematic for you when you have yet experienced Garmin Won’t Turn On Error even after confirming that the power is on and it is properly plugged in into the port. At that point, instead of pulling your hair and getting so much irritated, you need to glance at the below for troubleshooting steps.

Solutions To Fix Garmin Won’t Turn On Error

In case, you are confronted with the situation where you find your Garmin Won’t Turn On, then have a glimpse at the provided solutions. Follow the troubleshooting guidelines and turn on your Garmin ASAP. Let’s begin the process:

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Solution 1: Check The Power

First of all, you need to check the power connection as this is the easier solution to fix this bug. So, at first, plug the device with its original Garmin charging cable and also make sure that there is no blockage in the connection between the device and the vehicle’s power outlet.

You are highly recommended to not use a defective USB cable. Instead, replace it with a new cable and turn the vehicle’s power on. Now, check the end of the power cable and make sure that the lights blink. In case, the power cable does not light up, you should try a different vehicle. Also, you should drive normally with Garmin GPS connected to power for some time at least 10 minutes.

It’s just hope that this information may eradicate the error. But unfortunately if yet not, then don’t worry as we have provided more than one solution here. So, jump to the next one!

Solution 2: Perform A Hard Reset

First and forecast, you have to disconnect the Garmin from the power source. And then, move to the touchscreen and pinpoint the “Reset” option. Once you find this option, press and hold the Reset button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Now, turn on the device and continue pressing the lower right-hand portion. Wait for a minute until you see a message saying ‘Erase all data?’ After that, click on the ‘Yes’ button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the hard reset procedure. Then, check the status of the error. If you still get the same error issue, then go with the next solution mentioned below.

Solution 3: Cable Management

Managing the cable may turn on your Garmin GPS. It is first required to identify the charging cable that will power on the Garmin. Also, use colored wire or some other methods to mark the correct cable, so you can separate it from others. By using an actual cable in your vehicle, one in the room and another in the luggage, you will be ready to power on the Garmin Nuvi.

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Contact To Tech-specialists when Garmin Won’t Turn On

We believe after performing the above solutions, you can instantly cope with Garmin won’t turn-on error. And once the device gets ON successfully, you need to do Garmin Map Updates for avoiding distraction in the path. Moreover, you can get a one-stop remedy for such error problems from our well-qualified technicians. You need to make connections with them to take help. So, give an instant call to Garmin Support 24/7 accessible helpline number.