Update Your Garmin Golf Watch With The Advanced Methods

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Keeping your software updated helps you gain the maximum out of it. The same is the case with Garmin Approach. In order to leverage all its features, you should know how to update Garmin Golf watch. Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to update this software. When you keep your watch updated, you’ll not have to deal with any errors or glitches. On syncing this device with the Garmin Connect platform, you’ll automatically be notified by the software. Apart from that, you’ll always have access to the current golf course data. Thus, you will be able to enhance your game. In this article, you’ll find stepwise instructions on updating your Garmin Golf watch. 


How to Update Garmin Golf Watch?

You should start to update Garmin Golf watch by finding your Garmin Approach device. Next, get the charging cable and place a chair next to your computer. Follow these sequences of steps.

  • Use a USB port to link your Garmin Approach to your system.
  • Next, download Garmin Express by heading over to the official Garmin website. It is garmin.com/express.
  • After the download gets complete, hit the ‘Add a Device‘ button.
  • When Garmin Approach gets linked, the Garmin application will locate it. 
  • Now you must register your watch.
  • To do so, you need to make an account.
  • Remember to employ the same email ID for which you are signed up to Garmin.
  • In the next step, give a name to your Garmin Approach. You can name it any way you want. 
  • Now, tap on any updates that you see. You must tap ‘Install All‘ so that the updates can be installed.
  • Throughout the update process, allow your Garmin Golf watch to remain connected. It will not take more than a few minutes.
  • After the update process completes, eject the watch.


Find Golf Courses on Your Garmin Watch

Now that you know much about Garmin Golf watch update, you must be wondering how to find golf courses on it. Here are the precise instructions you must follow in order to find golf courses on your watch.

  • Firstly, use Garmin Connect to download the golf courses.
  • Head to ‘File’ and then choose ‘Golf Course Setup.’
  • You can now select a course as per the weather.
  • After a course download is complete, it will be there in the course list of the virtual reality device.


How to Troubleshoot with Your Garmin Golf Watch?

If you are experiencing problems with this Garmin device, you can carry out its factory reset. All those who find their Garmin Golf watch frozen or unresponsive should reset it. However, before carrying out the rest, ensure to charge your device fully. Also, be cautious of the fact that the reset will delete all data from your watch. 

The reset method of different versions of golf watches varies. However, a general process is to hold power and a secondary button. Usually, you can carry out a basic reset through these steps. 

  • Switch off your Garmin Golf watch. 
  • Now, hold and press the ‘Score‘ button. 
  • After that, hold and press the Power button. Depending on your version, you can hold the on button or the off button. 
  • When the prompt comes to delete the data, tap ‘Yes.’
  • Now, start your watch again. 


Steps to Troubleshoot No Courses Near Error Message on Your Garmin Approach Watch

The ‘No courses near’ error message imply that golf courses on your approach are not usable or that something is hindering the golf courses from being applied on your Golf device. In order to resolve this error message, you must reload the golf courses to the approach. It is done by using Garmin Express

To reinstall Golf courses, you require a computer that links to the internet, Garmin Express on your computer, the USB of your Garmin Approach, and a fully charged Garmin Approach.

  • Link the approach to the computer.
  • Next, launch Garmin Express. 
  • You can now choose your Approach device.
  • Choose ‘Course Details.’
  • Now, choose ‘Course Options.’
  • Choose ‘Reinstall‘ and then ‘Continue.’
  • After the updates are complete, disconnect the Approach from your system.
  • Now you can take your watch outdoors and begin a round of golf. You won’t see this error message.


The Correct Way to Charge Your Garmin Golf Watch

Many Garmin users experience problems with charging their watches. If you are also observing the same issue, you must ensure a good connection. Some people also have problems with charging the clip to the watch. Follow these points to correctly charge your watch. 

  • Clean the charging contacts present on the watch’s back. 
  • Do it with a gentle cleaning liquid and a cotton bud. 
  • Ensure that the charging clip is properly attached to the watch. 
  • See whether the pins line up with the watch’s back. 
  • Put the device into the charging clip. 
  • Now, link to your power source. 
  • You will see the icons of battery charging on the watch’s screen. 
  • Let the device be charged for an hour. 


Steps to Replace the Battery of an Old Garmin Watch

The batteries of the Garmin watch cannot be replaced easily. So, it’s essential to follow the pointers given in the previous section. It will help you find out if there’s indeed a problem with your battery. If there’s a problem, follow these points to replace the battery.

  • Use the needed tools to take away the straps of the watch.
  • After that, remove the cover of the watch.
  • Now, disconnect the connector. 
  • You must now take away the battery. To remove it, pull off the label on the battery’s back side.
  • You’ll now be able to view the wires.
  • Solder off the red and black wires. Now, prise the battery away from the watch.
  • Substitute it with a new battery.
  • Now proceed to tin the leads. 
  • Relink the wires.
  • Now reconnect the pin connector.
  • Lastly, replace the bands of the watch.


Wrapping up

It’s essential to know how to update Garmin Golf watch so you can use the attest golf course data. It’ll have a positive effect on your game. Use the instructions in this post to update your Approach watch. If you need additional help, contact a software support service.