Complete Guide for Magellan Roadmate Update [Solution]

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Three Ways For Magellan Roadmate Update 2022

You can receive the direct Magellan Roadmate update if you have installed a content manager. You need to create an account to get the automatic updates for Magellan roadmate. 

Three Ways For Magellan Roadmate Update 2022

 Magellan Roadmate is a GPS device that offers simplified possible guidance for your driving experience. Therefore, whether you are planning to go on a trip somewhere in the hills or a new workplace, make sure to update Magellan roadmate

 Let’s get started! 


Features Of Magellan Roadmate Update

One of the significant features that make Magellan roadmate different from others is its Full HD Dash camera. It is integrated on the front side with a wide range of angle lens. That’s not all, have a glance at the other features of Magellan roadmate updates. 

  • It has a built-in PS Navigator with a Full HD 1080p Dash camera
  • The Magellan roadmate offers a lifetime free Magellan roadmate update.
  • It is designed with a high-resolution touch screen. 
  • The roadmate maps alert the driver about the risk of weather and road. 
  • It offers recording services and a traffic camera alert in audio and visual types.
  • It has access to preloaded maps on the memory card and also installs the latest installation ether maps or software roadmate updates.  


You can update Magellan roadmate in three ways: 

  1. Update using the content manager
  2. Using wi-fi
  3. SmartGPS Eco website

We have explained all the methods here. You can try any of these methods for Magellan roadmate maps update

Also, we will recommend you create an account first, as you will be asked to log in to your Magellan account to download and install the updates. 


Create A Magellan Account to Update Magellan Roadmate

To update Magellan roadmate, you should have a Magellan account. If you are updating the roadmate for the first time, you might not have an existing account. Therefore, you can follow the steps and create an account for yourself: 

  • To begin, visit the Magellan official website
  • Tap on the login/sign-in option placed in the top right corner.
  • Then, tap on the option ‘create an account.’ 
  • Provide the essential details required to create an account. 
  • Then, click Register, and the process to create an account begins. 


Use Content Manager to Update Magellan Roadmate

The primary motive of the Magellan content manager is to allow you the Magellan device’s updates. Further, you can access the store location, register devices, and other utilities of Magellan maps. 

Step 1: Connect the Magellan roadmate device with your computer that has installed content manager software.

Step 2: Go to your start button and select All Programs

Step 3: Now, tap on the Magellan folder and select Magellan Content Manager

Step 4: From here, tap on the Update icon placed in the corner of the Content Manager window. 

Step 5: Now wait for a while until it checks for the available latest updates for your device. While looking for updates, it will also notify for the size of updates. 

Step 6: Tap Ok on the updates for maps to download and transfer on your device. 

Step 7: Wait until the update is transferred to the device. 

Congratulations! Your Magellan roadmate device is up to date. You can follow these steps for devices also. But if you are looking for the wi-fi method for Magellan roadmate updates, move to the next section.



Use Wi-Fi For Magellan Roadmate Maps Update 

If you have not installed the Magellan content manager on your system and are looking for an alternative, here it is. Connect your device with the computer for the Magellan roadmate maps update

Step 1: Open your system’s browser and visit the Magellan official website

Step 2: Next, go to the Support tab and select Manuals and Software Updates

Step 3: Now, on the drop-down list, select your product name

Step 4: Then, in the section ‘My Magellan Is’, select Magellan Roadmate Series

Step 5: After that, also select your model and hit the Send button. 

Step 7: Select from and update the software or maps.


For instance: 

  • For software, tap on the Updates link.
  • Then tap “I want to download this update.”
  • Login to the Magellan account you created earlier. 
  • Tap Download Now to save the update on your system. 

Step 8: Once the file is downloaded, open the software update file. 

Step 9: Select Next twice and connect the Roadmate device with the computer. 

Step 10: Then, select Continue in the Windows Signature box. 

Step 11: Tap Next and the process for Magellan roadmate updates will begin. 

Step 12: When the update is completed, tap Finish. 



Magellan Roadmate Maps Update via Smart GPS Eco

Lastly, you can update your Magellan roadmate device via the SmartGps Eco website. It keeps you updated with the latest maps and software. 

Go straight with the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open your web browser to visit the SmartGPS Eco website.

Step 2: Login if you have an existing account (or create a new account following the steps mentioned earlier in the guide).

Step 3: Connect your Roadmate device with the system using a USB cable. 

Step 4: Now, go back to the website to select the tab Update and then select your device

Step 5: You will receive a prompt to download a map (a newer version of the map). Download it. 


Summing up!

We hope the guide will help you with the Magellan Roadmate Update. All three methods are easy and anyone can follow them without requiring any technical knowledge. Similarly, if you are looking to update other Magellan devices, do create a Magellan account first.

As it is an essential and mandatory step of the update process. Further, if you need any help regarding the Magellan device or steps, feel free to connect with us. Our expert provides 24×7 worldwide services.