How to Get Rid Of Magellan GPS Not Working?

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Magellan GPS Not Working bannerMagellan GPS is a well-known navigator device especially for producing a global positioning system. For quick and hassle-free navigation, it is required to have Magellan device up to date. Otherwise, there is a high chance of experiencing Magellan GPS Not Working problematic error while you travel. Furthermore, if Magellan GPS is not upgraded with the current release, you will be probably navigated in the wrong direction. However, the blog post teaches you the proactive ways to get rid of this device not working problem. Hence, stay tuned!

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Reasons Behind Magellan GPS Not Working Problem

There are some valid reasons why Magellan GPS Not Working. We have shared a list of possible causes beneath that could be responsible for Magellan not responding problem. Let’s give a brief glance at the below-noted bullet points:

  • Unstable or poor internet connection
  • Maybe the device has a touch screen problem
  • Outdated Magellan GPS unit
  • Maybe the device is not charged
  • Incomplete or pending Magellan Map Update

Solving Guide to Getting Rid Of Magellan GPS Not Working

We have suggested below the productive solutions to overcome the Magellan GPS Not Working issue. So, if your Magellan GPS doesn’t work properly, this is what exactly you have to perform. Feast your eyes on the following stated course of actions:

Solving Guide 1: Magellan Map Update

It is a fact that if your Magellan map is not updated, you will surely come across this problem. Inappropriate installation of Magellan Update can also be one major cause of getting prevented from accessing Magellan GPS. Therefore, let’s update your Magellan GPS device if it is not up to date or incompletely installed in your system. The steps involved in updating Magellan GPS are stated-beneath. Just have a look!

Step 1: Download Magellan Content Manager

It is necessary to have a Content Manager app installed on your system in order to Update Magellan MapSo, begin the following instructions to get this application:

  • First, open any web browser on your computer
  • Then, visit the official Magellan website.
  • The Content manager application is available both for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Get the one downloaded as per your OS by clicking the “Download Link.”
  • Sit back calmly until the download completes; once it’s done, move ahead.
  • Navigate to the folder on which you save the downloaded file.
  • Click on the executable file to run it.
  • The “Magellan Content Manager Installation” process will start.
  • Go through the on-screen prompts.
  • If you are asked for settings, input the time zone, location, and your preferred language.
  • Provide all relevant information and your approval to complete the installation task.
  • Once done, you will receive a notification for the same.

Step 2: Download And Install Magellan Map Update

Now, feel free to use Content Manager to download and install Magellan Map Update. Here’s how:

  • Restart your operating system.
  • Now, launch the content manager application.
  • Connect your Magellan GPS device to your Windows PC via USB cable.
  • If already registered, your Content manager will automatically detect your device.
  • Otherwise, you will have to click the “+” button to add your device to get registered with the Content Manager.
  • Once the content manager is successfully added, it will notify you about the available Magellan Update for your device.
  • Click to select the map updates you want to download.
  • Wait until the downloading process completes.

Now, your Magellan GPS is updated and you can start using the device for navigation. In case, still, Magellan GPS Not Working, move to the next solving guide.

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Solving Guide 2: Reset Magellan GPS

There is a possibility of having internal technical glitches due to which Magellan has stopped functioning. So, all you have to do is to reset your Magellan with the implementation of the below-noted methods:

Method 1: Pinhole Button

Use the pinhole button in a way to reset the Magellan GPS device. Here’s how:

  • Search for the tiny hole labeled “Reset” on your Magellan GPS unit. Depending on the model, it is located on the bottom, or the left or the right side of the unit.
  • Carefully insert a thin paper clip into the hole and slightly push the “Reset” button until the unit turns off. In general, you need to hold it for around 10 seconds.
  • Now, press the “Power” button to turn the Magellan GPS unit ON.
  • You can now access the updated maps using the Magellan GPS device in a hassle-free manner.

Method 2: Slide Switch

Slide switching button is also been technically utilized for resetting your Magellan GPS device, Here’s what to implement:

  • Toggle the Slide Switch button from “On” to “Off.”
  • Hold down the button in the “Off” position for a couple of seconds.
  • Thereafter, gently release the button to reset the Magellan GPS unit.

Method 3: Reset Switch

Here’s how you can use Reset Switch to get your GPS unit reset with ease:

  • Slightly, slide the switch into the “Reset” position.
  • Hold it for almost eight seconds.
  • Gently, Release the button.
  • Doing this will sure reset your Magellan GPS unit.

There you go; your device is reset now. Start accessing the Magellan GPS unit to check the Magellan GPS Not Working problem has been solved. If yet the same problem persists, move to the next guide.

Solving Guide 3: Connect Magellan GPS With Internet

If your Magellan device doesn’t work, immediately check the internet connection speed. It is however extensively required to connect your device with a strong internet otherwise it will not work.

For instant identifying the internet speed, go to Google and search for online tools. If you got results in a pinch, it is confirmed that you have strong internet. But, if you receive a response too late, you need to follow the below-stated directives:

  • Eradicate all the barriers that come across your both devices.
  • If any other device is connected with your GPS router, disconnect it right now.
  • Make a gap of at least 2 to 3 feet in between both the devices.
  • Place the Magellan GPS router above approx. 5 feet from the floor.

Now, attempt to use Magellan GPS unit to ensure Magellan GPS Not Working issue is been resolved.

Important Points You Need To Keep In Mind

  • Do not overcharge the Magellan GPS device.
  • When the battery is low, do not use it for navigation.
  • Update Magellan Map from every now and then.
  • There should be strong/stable internet connectivity.


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