Sometimes when you update your Garmin device, you start to encounter issues with it. In such a case, you must reset the Garmin Nuvi Update to go back to your previous version and fix the issue. Here in this article, we will help you reset your Garmin Nuvi Map update and fix errors with it. Moreover, you can also refer to this guide to learn how to update Garmin Nuvi properly.

Garmin nuvi updates

Garmin is an American multinational company with headquarters in Switzerland. They acknowledged for their best-in-class technology for navigation, aviation, marine, and sports activities like cycling, running, etc.
Garmin Ltd. offers quality products that provide maximum productivity in any adventure and sports activity. They provide several GPS devices for different types of Vehicles. Their navigation devices  accurate and provide route information with maximum precision. Their Nuvi devices are connect with Lifetime™  map software and Garmin Voice Assistant. They are always updating their software to improve the map and navigation experience.

What is the need to reset the Garmin Nuvi Update?

Though Garmin is called for its accurate and precise navigation through its innovative and updated device. While working with maps and navigation, if your device stops working all of the sudden, in that case, you have to reset the Garmin Nuvi update to make it working again. Any kind of issue with hardware and software could be fix by resetting the device. By reading this blog, you will understand the methods to fix the Map issue with Garmin Nuvi Devices.

Resetting the NUVI device ensures the removal of technical glitch that has occurred in a device and restore the default settings. It makes a change to the current settings and allows the device to start the setting as it was new. You can perform either Hard Reset or Soft Reset with Garmin NUVI devices. Once reset, the GPS error that has occurred with the Nuvi device can be fixed easily and quickly. Let’s understand the situation where we have to perform a hard reset.

Fix Errors With Garmin Map And Reset It

A. Performing Hard Reset to the Garmin Nuvi Device

Performing Hard Reset involves the removal of physical components and assembling them again. You need to follow these steps to perform a hard reset on Nuvi devices.

  • Plug out the power cable from the power source and simultaneously detach all the cables and accessories associated with the Garmin device.
  • There is a tiny button at the back of the Garmin Nuvi device. It is advise to use a pin-pointed object to press the button. Make sure the point object is strong and doesn’t break while pushing the button.
  • Wait for the device to be restart. Don’t release the button unless the device is restart.
  • Once the device restarts, release the button and wait for the device to boot up and load the software. Once the device will be turn on, it will itself initialize the preferred default settings and will be ready to work again.
  • Make sure to customize your setting, favorite places, and preferences in order to work with ease, since hard resetting the devices will erase your saved data. So you need to set up the device from the beginning.

Once you have reset the Garmin Nuvi Update of the device, install the Garmin Express application for logging in to the account successfully. Your customized settings within the account will reappear on the device.

B. Update Automotive Maps and Software with Garmin Express

Once you are ready with a hard reset, you can update the maps and device software to achieve the full-fledged functionality of the device. That means you will get the normal functionality back.

  • Reinstalling the maps isn’t possible wireless, since it not programmed according to that. You will need to plug the device into a PC with a USB cable and use Garmin Express to reinstall the map.
  • A smaller map region installed in the device but you want a map of a different region. To install the full map, use an SD Card. you can check the SD Card Compatibility for your device. Also, check for the map region you need to install on your NUVI device.
  • If a specific region was previously installed in the device, it will remove the original map from the device and install the portion of the desired region of the map.

C. How To Reset Garmin Nuvi Map Update

Follow the steps below to reset your Garmin Nuvi Updates for Maps.

  • Unplug the device from the power outlet.
  • Tap on the bottom right corner of the display.
  • Wait for the device to be turn off. A pop-up will appear to ask for permission to clear the data.
  • Accept by clicking Yes and wait for the system to clear the stored data.
  • Once the data will be clear the device will turn off and restart. Follow the on-screen instruction to proceed.
  • Look if your problem has been resolved and the device is working fine.

If your Garmin NUVI GPS device has stopped working, use the above steps to reset the Garmin Nuvi update.

Advantages of using Garmin NUVI

Garmin Devices used in aviation, marine, and boating. So you can imagine the level of precision they need to maintain in order to provide superior services. Let’s look at what advantages we got when using a Garmin GPS device.

  • They always update their maps so that the customers can remain updated too.
  • Garmin Nuvi is cost-efficient and better than rival commercial navigation services.
  • The navigation system can predict the traffic since it updates the traffic every 30 seconds and hence suggests alternate routes to save your time.
  • You can report and mark the dangerous routes.
  • They come with turn-by-turn directions and a built-in GPS navigator with assistants like Garmin Voice Assistant.
  • Can be easily connected to your Android Phone or iPhone. With the Garmin Live Service, you can get useful real-time information like weather, humidity and traffic conditions, your recent parked spot, etc.

From the above discussion, we have understood the steps to reset the Garmin Nuvi update and device in case they are stuck with maps. We have seen how useful Garmin products are for navigation. In General, you can get rid of any error by resetting the Garmin Nuvi device. But if you feel the need for technical support, feel free to get in touch with the team of experts. Give us a call at our Garmin Customer Support number or live chat with experts for quick support.