What To Proceed To Unlock Garmin Maps Correctly?

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Unlock Garmin Maps

Unlock Garmin MapsWherever you want to go and boom, you are well on your way when you have a Garmin GPS device in your vehicle. However, at some point in time, your Garmin device needs to have the current list of all mapped roads and highways to be effectively reached out to your destination. However, streets and roads change constantly, so you must have your Garmin GPS Update device otherwise your outdated GPS unit may take you down a dark road from where it would be too much difficult to come out. Although, this can be the one possible reason for displaying a message ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ or ‘Can’t Authenticate Maps’ when the device detects a map that cannot be authorized for use with that device. You are highly suggested to read the post to instantly Unlock Garmin Maps. With some simple and easy steps, you can fix this error from the root. Let’s have a glance below!

Reasons Why The Message ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ or ‘Can’t Authenticate Maps’ Displays

Well, this can be caused when:

  • Installing an SD card that contains maps intended for a different device.
  • Trying to copy maps from one device to another.
  • A problem or corruption with the data in the map file.
  • Incorrect or missing unlock information for an installed map.

Universal Troubleshooting Tricks To Unlock Garmin Maps Appropriately

Here are the most likely instructions that would help you to effortlessly Unlock Garmin Maps. So, despite wandering keep your eyes feast on the below noted points and try to follow them correctly:

Method 1: Find Garmin Unlock Codes

If you confront the ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ error out of anywhere, you can exterminate it by simply finding the Garmin Unlock Codes. Here is the right way to find the codes and use them to fix the problem:

  • First, navigate to your Garmin account.
  • Next, find your unlock codes from there.
  • After obtaining them, connect your GPS device to the computer.
  • And then create a gm approx. file and paste all the unlock codes one by one (one code online).
  • After that, open the Garmin folder in your Garmin GPS device and save that file into this folder.
  • Afterward, you should restart your device.

This probably may resolve the issue and you might not again see such an annoying error. But if still facing the same, try the next method.


Method 2: Make Sure Garmin Express Software Is Up-to-date

In this method, you should check your Garmin Express version and make sure you have installed the updated version. Don’t be confused as it is vital to have updated Garmin Express software. However, the older version may not download the free Garmin GPS Update and this also may lead to the error ‘Can’t Unlock Maps. Try to update your Garmin Express, follow the below lines:

  • To obtain the latest Garmin Express, visit the official support page.
  • When you open the Garmin Express application on your system, you will receive a message for an update if available.
  • Simply, click on the ‘Install’ button to start the process.
  • And then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Wait until you receive a final ‘Updated’ sort of message on the screen

Do not forget to restart your PC once the Garmin Express software gets updated. Go ahead with the next solution guide if it doesn’t help you to Unlock Garmin Maps.

Method 3: Check Your Internet Speed

When it tends to download any software program, it generally demands a great speed of the Internet. Likewise, downloading and installing Garmin Map Update need good internet speed. Therefore, before you start downloading or finding maps, check the following:

  • Make sure you got the fast and uninterrupted internet speed.
  • Ensure that you are not working with a limited data plan.
  • Have a perfectly settled and well-connected Wi-Fi network on your device.

Missing any of these criteria can result in incomplete downloading or incorrect map update files and may also result in showing the ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ Error.

There are some more random tricks you should try to fix:

  • Close and re-launch Garmin Express software.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the Garmin GPS device from your computer.
  • Connect GPS device with a computer through USB cable only.
  • Restart your computer and GPS device once.
  • Remove and re-insert the memory SD card.
  • Use an alternate browser to visit map updates official site.

Method 4: Cannot Unlock Garmin Maps SD Card

SD memory card could also be one of the reasons for experiencing the “Can’t Unlock Maps” Error.

Following are the reasons behind the bad behavior of the SD card:

  • The memory SD card is not installed or inserted properly into the system.
  • The installed memory card could have got the map that is incompatible with your operating device.
  • You copied the map from one device to another instead of downloading it.
  • Corrupted map data files.
  • The installed Garmin map couldn’t find unlock information.

According to the above-enlisted reasons, let’s move ahead to learn how to fix the raised ‘Garmin cannot unlock maps SD card’ issue.

  • First, try to eliminate and then insert the SD memory card again into the device. After doing that restart your PC.
  • If you earlier had used this SD memory card in another device and installed some maps. These maps may need to unlock for your current device.
  • Or you better delete those installed maps before using them on the current device.


Dial Helpline Number ToProceed To Unlock Garmin Maps Correctly And Efficiently

Don’t panic! Even if you have tried out all these aforementioned guidelines to Unlock Garmin Maps, but still it is not unlocked. We are always there by your side to assist you in any condition. So, give an instant ring on the helpline number and stay tuned with us. One of the Garmin Support professionals will communicate with you over phone call sooner and guide you with ease.