Delete Location on a Garmin GPS Device – Steps To Follow

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Delete Location on a Garmin GPS Device

Delete Location on a Garmin GPS DeviceDelete Location on a Garmin GPS DeviceWhen a person is traveling away from their location, they need someone who can guide them to reach their destination. But if you don’t have that friend or companion, how can you ensure that you follow the right path? Well, in this case, you need a GPS device. A high-quality device, like a Garmin GPS, enables users to discover their exact location. It also provides them with the shortest route possible to their location. But there might be some situations in which you need to delete location on a Garmin GPS. If you want to add another location in this GPS, you need to delete the earlier one. In this article, you’ll find the right way of doing it.

The Steps to Delete Location on a Garmin GPS

Garmin Express is a set of programs that help you in updating your Garmin GPS device. You can easily remain updated with charts, maps, software, and other data on the GPS device with it. Deleting locations that you saved earlier is an easy process. But for first-time users, the process can seem a bit confusing. For deleting a location, you need to adhere to a few steps. They are as follows.

  • Tap on the option ‘Where to?
  • Now, you should choose ‘Recent’ or ‘History.’
  • Choose the menu icon.
  • Now, choose the option of ‘Clear’ followed by the ‘Yes’ option to give the device your consent.

A Garmin device provides accurate route selection and quicker navigation. But for getting this advantage, you need to keep the device duly updated. If there are no new locations given to the system, you’ll not be able to get the results you want. So, ensure that you are carrying out the Garmin map update. It will help you get the most current comprehensive street maps, providing quick and accurate navigation. But at the same time, delete locations that you don’t need.

The Process to Add a New Location

Sometimes, you would want to add a new route or course to your Garmin device. In this case, you need to follow the steps to add a new location. For it, you need to launch the option of ‘Where to?’ After that, type in the street address of your preferred destination. Then follow the steps given below.

  • Touch the ‘Menu.’ The button has three horizontal lines. There are also various models where you need to press the ‘Info’ button. This button is present under your device’s center.
  • You should do it before you touch the menu.
  • Next, touch the button of ‘Save.’
  • After that, type in the preferred destination name if you are prompted for it.
  • Now hit the ‘Done’ button when you are prompted for it. Follow it up by hitting the ‘OK’ button. Your desired destination will get added. This is how you can add a location on the Garmin GPS. To update your device, you can visit

The Process to Edit a Favourite Location

You can also edit a favorite place by following a series of steps on your Garmin device. Follow this process for it.

  • Touch ‘Where To?
  • After that, touch ‘Favourites.’
  • Then touch that favorite you wish to edit.
  • Next, hit the word bubble that shows your favorite and then touches ‘Press for More.’
  • Then tap ‘Edit.’
  • Next, tap the information you want to modify. You can modify the map symbol. Phone number, name, and category.

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How to Make Courses in Garmin Connect App

Garmin Connect is a platform that helps people to remain fit and healthy. Through it, people can track their training and get the maximum out of it. All you need to do is pair it up with a compatible Garmin watch.

It offers you the feature of creating courses if you are visiting a new place or desire a straightforward route. You can create a course easily by going to the ‘Training’ option and choosing ‘Courses.’ Here, you can select ‘Create course’ and also choose the course type. It is a functionality that’s suitable for running and cycling.

You can also choose to select an automatic course. It is made from one starting point, and you can provide it with a name distance and the direction it will head towards. The app will then make a course that includes the course distance and elevation loss and gain. There is another option available. Suppose you desire to travel in some new terrain or combine trail and road environments. In that case, you can select the option of ‘Custom.’ After designing your course, tap ‘Save.’ The course is now ready for you to use.

Final Words

Follow these instructions and easily delete location on a Garmin GPS. You can also add a location and edit a favorite with a few steps. If you are using Garmin GPS for the first time and are in need of more assistance, you can visit their Garmin Support site.